Fire Protection for Stadiums

"Give sports stadiums a safe & competitive edge"

The built environment and multi-use, multipurpose stadium are without doubt a vital link in the modern lifestyle mix and as such are the special concern of Promat, recognised worldwide as a market leader in the fire sciences and technology industry.

Tried, tested and proven, Promat products and systems find increasing acceptance wherever building quality and fire safety are in demand. Behind the next big sporting event – working quietly and with proven strength to optimise the security and safety of the crowded stadium – it is likely to find Promat.

Fire Protection for Hospitals

"Maintain safety & serenity within hospitals"

To sustain effective medical standards, modern hospitals also have to protect themselves. Not justin term of virus and bacteria but also in terms of security and risk management.

Aware that any compromise can have disastrous downstream impact, purpose-built hospitals are designed and constructed to rigorous design and build standards. The materials they use are critically important too, and this is why Promat is frequently called upon to help.

In many ways, hospitals and Promat are natural partners. Both are concerned with the health and safety of people and the built environment.

Fire Protection for Hotels

"A guide to lightweight partition construction"

For most hotels, no two walls are the same because different areas in a hotel have different structural and performance based requirements, from fire to acoustic to physical and aesthetic considerations. While traditional brick or masonry wall techniques are still prevalent in some parts of the construction industry, modern manufacturing technologies and building techniques – including flat sheets for lightweight structures – are fast gaining widespread recognition and acceptance.

Promat recommendations and fire resistant solutions to meet most design criteria for installation of lightweight walls in the construction of hotels.

Fire Protection for Airports

"Sets the fire safety standard for Airports"

Safe, comfortable, reliable airports and the essential infrastructure they provide are a vital physical link in the continuing success of your business, an integral component of modern lifestyle.

It is not surprising to know that Promat, a recognised brand leader in the business of sophisticated fire protection technologies has developed a range of products and systems specifically for and currently in use in modern airport terminals around the world. Where quality and performance is important to the safety of the built environment, Promat is an overwhelmingly popular choice...and that is very reassuring indeed.

Fire Protection for Underground Metro Systems

"Safe transit in underground metro systems"

Mass Rapid Transit rail systems have understandably become a necessity for many cities to survive and flourish, in the present and in the future.

Clean, efficient, fast and cool, the above and below ground rail systems are designed and built to move large numbers of people in the most convenient, practical manner.

To do so, they use ultra modern materials and methods to build, operate and maintain. The standards are high, along with the safety and security concerns.

Recognised worldwide as a manufacturer and supplier of products and systems that aim to increase the safety of the built environment. Promat can be found protecting many Mass Rapid Systems.