Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Australia - Melbourne
Design Inc/Silver Thomas Hanley joint venture McBride Charles Ryan/Design Inc Architects

Australia - Melbourne

The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) Project includes the development of a purpose-built facility in Parkville to support and enable integrated delivery of patient treatment and care, cancer research and education. The new facility will house the relocated Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. It will also provide cancer research and clinical care facilities for Melbourne Health and The University of Melbourne.

The 120,000m2 VCCC is being built over 13 levels and include two bridge links to the Royal Melbourne Hospital where Plenary Health will also deliver a further 12,000m2 of extensions and refurbishment costing over $1 Billion.

The architect wanted an easy to install system providing minimal spatial intrusion and maintain as much head room as possible. Based on these requirements, it was found that the PROMATECT® L500 E&M Enclosure best met their needs. The enclosure was to protect high voltage cables on cable trays that were attached to the underside of the concrete slab and was designed in association with Design Inc Architects. Arc Plaster installed over 500mof PROMATECT® of L500 in a 2, 3 and 4 sided General E&M Services Enclosure configuration. Arc Plaster were very happy with the ease of installation of the PROMATECT® L500 System. Work completed on schedule.

The PROMATECT® L500 E&M enclosures are installed on levels B1, B3 and B4 will provide a 2 hour fire rating for the protected services