KODO Apartments

Australia - Adelaide
Woods Bagot

Protection of Structural Steel using Fire Sprays

Fire Collars

Penetration Seals in Walls, Floor and Ceilings

Australia - Adelaide

This 30-story building is slated to be the tallest residential tower in Adelaide upon completion. A title it won’t hold for long though... While its heights are expected to make an impression on the local community, its typology still maintains the ability to enjoy inner city living while having the privacy enjoyed outside of business districts.
Promat were involved early in the project, supplying CAFCO 300 vermiculite spray to provide adequate fire protection to the steel structure. Once service trades commenced work, Promat penetration seals PROMASTOP UniCollar, PROMASEAL FlexiWrap and PROMASEAL Acrylic Sealant were used to seal fire rated wall penetrations.
Lastly, PROMASEAL Bulkhead Batt, PROMASEAL Pillows, PROMASEAL SupaWrap and Promat’s latest innovation PROMASHIELD were used to seal electrical penetrations in the buildings main riser.
PROMASHIELD was selected for its ease of installation, with no wrapping, strapping or taping required.