Australian Technology Park - Eveleigh NSW

Australia - Sydney
FJMT and Sissons
14,000 bags
Fire Spray to Structural Steel

Australia - Sydney

Promat Australia continue to provide solutions in structural steel fire protection. CAFCO® 300 used to fire rate Australian Technology Park historic redevelopment.
Promat are delighted to work with Monospray whom have won the passive fire protection contract for structural steel protection to all three buildings. Promat are currently supplying approximately 14,000 bags of Promat CAFCO® 300 fire spray. The CAFCO® 300 fire spray is being used to provide an Australian Building Code Fire Resistance Level (FRL) of 60/-/- , 90/-/-, 120/-/- minute protection for this construction.

The ATP project is a great example of how Promat CAFCO® 300 fire spray provides efficient fire resistance to structural steel members. CAFCO® 300 is a lightweight coating that provides very efficient fire resistance with minimal thickness to steel and concrete structures. Building types that benefit from the use of CAFCO® 300 include a wide range of commercial projects consisting of educational, leisure and entertainment centres.

The ATP $1 billion redevelopment will result in three new multilevel buildings, ranging from four to nine stories, comprising of commercial, retail and public spaces 

Known as one of the largest commercial leasing deals in Australian history, Mirvac along with a renown names in the construction industry; Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp, Woods Baggot & Davenport Campbell, and COAP Architects have joined forces to design and redevelop the Australian Technology Park (ATP) precinct.

Mirvac say the “Australian Technology Park (ATP) is set to become one of Australia’s leading smart neighbourhoods. The vibrant and renewed precinct is set to become a popular destination, not just for workers but for the wider community. From al fresco diners and pop up events to other proposed amenities, which could include a gym and supermarket, the streets and laneways will buzz with activity, attracting visitors from across town and catering to the needs of today’s modern, flexible workforce.  Within the new precinct itself, leading urban transformation principles will provide a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces designed to inspire, engage and excite visitors while contributing to the creation of happy, healthy communities.”

“The completed project will eventually cater to 18,000 workers when it reaches completion in 2020, featuring cafes, a supermarket, sporting facilities and public spaces. Construction of the ATP’s second building is expected to top out in September this year, with the third and final building expected to top out mid-year 2019.”