South Australia leading the way in medical research with the Adelaide Health & Medical Sciences Building (AHMS)

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Promat Australia creates cost effective fire rating solution for complex building projects, whilst providing expert technical advice and training services for builders and contractors.

Situated in the South Australian Health and Biomedical precinct, the AHMS 12 storey building is the largest capital works project in the University’s history.

Constructed by Lendlease and designed by Lyons Architects, a major focus of the $246 million project was the environmentally sustainable design elements of the new building. The features included fully automated natural ventilation to key public spaces, a high performance double glazed facade, low pollutant materials as well as water saving and energy saving infrastructure are all included in the environmentally friendly design.

A number of Promat Australia products were used on this project including PROMASEAL® Wrap, PROMASEAL Grafitex Paste, PROMASEAL Pillows, PROMASEAL Mortar, PROMASEAL®-A Acrylic Sealant, PROMASTOP® UniCollar® and PROMASEAL® Wall Collars.

Working closely with Promat, O’Connor’s Services installed a variety of complex penetration systems suitable for lagged and bare copper pipework, and electrical cables through concrete slabs and various wall types.

“As the Adelaide Medical and Nursing School project nears an end, I’d like to thank you and all the team (technical, sales and stores) sincerely for your professionalism, promptness in replying to our technical requests and general communications.

I believe that in the past, all contracting companies thought they knew how to deal with fire rating, however this project and all the complexities involved has indicated to us that we need to be able to rely on the technical expertise of providers such as yourself.

We look forward to again working with PROMAT in the future and will set aside time for all the construction supervisors to attend a training course with you so we have a better understanding of how and where to use your products. Perhaps when you have some available time, if you could be so kind to perhaps indicate what types of training you can provide, we can then have an internal discussion to select what best fits our work environment.

Please pass on our thanks to all the team.”
Peter Attard , O’Connor Services

Promat Australia offered technical advice and a cost-effective passive fire solution for the building using Promat PROMASEAL® Wall Collars instead of a standard retrofit wall collar penetration system. Whilst the PROMASEAL® Wall Collars only require one collar per penetration, a standard retrofit wall collar penetration system requires two collars, one placed on each side of the wall, saving the builder and various contractors time and money.

The Australian Building Code required a Fire Resistance Level (FRL) of -/120/120 which was easily achieved with these systems.




PROMASEAL® Grafitex Paste,

PROMASEAL ® Pillows,


PROMASEAL®-A Acrylic Sealant,


PROMASEAL® Wall Collars.