Adelaide Botanic High School Education Built for Tomorrow’s Dynamic Careers

Under Construction - Due for Completion 2019
Australia - Adelaide

Australia - Adelaide

“The new $100m Adelaide Botanic High School is on track to open from term 1 2019, providing 1250 students from inner-city suburbs with greater access to high quality secondary learning. The school will start with year 8 and 9 students initially, growing to 1250 students by 2021.”

Designed by Design Inc & Cox Architecture and built by LendLease and Structural Engineer Specialists AECOM. The key features of the design include:
• State of the art science, design and technology laboratories which will underpin the school’s strong focus on STEM subjects.
• Students will have access to some of the latest equipment in engineering and investigative science, preparing them for the jobs of tomorrow.
• Food technology kitchens, to help uncover and support the next generation of young innovators who will promote South Australia’s outstanding food to the world.
• Maker spaces to encourage creativity through design technology, media studies and art.
• Smart, environmentally friendly buildings which minimise energy and water use and support Adelaide’s vision of becoming a carbon neutral city.
• Modern library and research centre.
• Extensive external learning and recreation spaces for students in and around the parklands and on the building’s upper levels.
• Indoor gymnasium and fitness studio.
• Music and drama practice, performance and learning spaces.
• Performing Arts Theatre
• Cafeteria with outdoor terrace.
• Secure basement bicycle parking for 170 bicycles.
South Australian Education Minister, John Gardner mentioned in July that the “structural steel elements of the atrium are near completion and work is underway to install structural timber and flooring, stairs, handrails and roofing. The internal structural steel is being installed throughout the Reid building and fit-out of the basement and levels 1 – 4 is underway.”
NSG Boffa Electrical Specialists are using PROMASEAL® Pillows and PROMASEAL® Acrylic Sealant to seal their slab & wall penetrations. PROMASEAL Extra-Large Pillows are a relatively easy system to install, by using the extra-large pillows installers eliminate the need to wrap the cable and cable tray above and below the slab.
PROMASEAL® Pillows are manufactured from treated cloth filled with a high density, granulated fire seal material. When exposed to fire, the pillows remain in place, thus forming a fire barrier of a solid mass of insulating material. PROMASEAL® Pillows are used in situations where other fire barrier solutions cannot be used. In the case of smaller penetrations, it is often more economical to use the pillows, especially if labour costs are a concern, because the required fire performance can be achieved with the application of just a few pillows. The pillows can also be easily placed in many openings where it would be difficult to apply other products or wet systems.
The Australian Building Code requires a Fire Resistance Level (FRL) of -/120/120 for this construction which was easily met with the approved and recommended Promat penetration systems solutions used throughout this construction.


PROMASEAL ® Pillows,

PROMASEAL®-A Acrylic Sealant,