Abian Botanic Gardens

Australia - Brisbane
Woods Marsh Architects.
3800 collars

Australia - Brisbane

Developed by the Sunland Group this 41 Storey tower rises above the heritage listed Brisbane botanic gardens and comprises 150 luxury dwellings. Completed in mid 2017 for a cost of $240 million. This tower makes extensive use of the Promat fire collar range with 2000 + PROMASEAL ® Green and Hi-Blu Cast in collar and over 1800 PROMASEAL ® Retro fit collars. The PROMASEAL ® Cast in collars were used for all plastic pipe stack applications while the PROMASEAL ® Retro fit collars were used on potable water lines, as well as DWV and storm water applications. Further collars were used to protect some of the HVAC and other services