Abian Botanic Gardens

Australia - Brisbane
Woods Marsh Architects.
3800 collars

Australia - Brisbane

Developed by the Sunland Group this 41 Storey tower rises above the heritage listed Brisbane botanic gardens and comprises 150 luxury dwellings. Completed in mid 2017 for a cost of $240 million. This tower makes extensive use of the Promat fire collar range with 2000 + PROMASEAL ® Green and Hi-Blu Cast in collar and over 1800 PROMASEAL ® Retro fit collars. The PROMASEAL ® Cast in collars were used for all plastic pipe stack applications while the PROMASEAL ® Retro fit collars were used on potable water lines, as well as DWV and storm water applications. Further collars were used to protect the CPVC fire sprinkler system as well as some of the air-conditioning and HVAC services