Through tried, tested and proven fire protection solutions that we have provided throughout many different types of tunnel applications and underground structures, we have developed in-depth expertise in protecting tunnels and people against fire, smoke and fumes, and heat.

Oresund tunnel uk-fire protection of concrete with mortar fendolite miiIn the event of a fire or explosion occurring inside a tunnel, our solutions can prevent steel reinforcements from losing strength, concrete from spalling and protect segments and immersion joints within a tunnel.

Our high-performance fire boards can even be retrofitted to existing tunnels without the need to close the route completely. Designed to provide protection solutions for use within the most severe of fire scenarios including the Hydrocarbon, Hydrocarbon Modified, RABT and  RWS fire curves; our solutions provide not just a barrier to the passage of fire, but ensures the substrate being protected is kept cool in a controlled manner.

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cement-based spray for fire protection