Promat provide a range of fire protection, acoustic and thermal insulation solutions for various marine applications including cruise ships, yachts, offshore support vessels and naval ships. Our solutions provide high performance, significant space & weight savings, fast installation and tailor-made system solutions to meet the requirements of shipyards & clients.

Cruise Ships
The lightweight, space saving nature of our fire protection solutions, make Promat products the ideal choice for cruise ships. Our products can achieve between 30% and 70% weight savings, depending on the application.

Our integrated solutions also optimise space and comfort whilst improving the energy efficiency of the ship.

Our fire protection solutions ensure we satisfy the most stringent owner specifications alongside compliance with LYC, PYC or SOLAS rules. We specialise in lightweight, thin solutions for interiors to maximise living space and comfort of any yacht construction.

Our solutions are third party certified and tested extensive in our fire test laboratory and acoustic reverberant room to ensure we deliver the highest noise reduction and fire safety requirements.

Our wide range of fire and acoustic insulation solutions help achieve low weight targets and a reduction in volumes in engine and machinery rooms and living spaces. The fire protection performance of our products go beyond the threshold of commercial standards.

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Marine Solutions

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Marine Products