Promat fire protection systems help to save lives, protect property and assets in the event of fire - these systems guarantee the comprehensive structural fire protection of complex buildings such as high-rise multi-occupational residential buildings, commercial buildings, hospitals, public buildings, etc. Our third party tested and certified fire protection systems are based on proven modern and innovative system design with established products. These standards provide confidence in delivering the most robust solutions for structural steelwork, ceilings, partitions, cables, penetration seals and high risk areas.

Sourcing the various passive fire protection products from a single manufacturer helps simplify the design and build process, ensuring complete compatibility between products and their applications.

View our references to see how we’ve helped protect a range of buildings from schools and hospitals, to luxury hotels and large retail complexes.

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Our Applications

columns and beams-structural steel fire protection-buildings


Our Products

PROMATECT-100 & 250