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Contact Information
For Administrative Assistant/Customer Service
Is the speed of response to your enquiry?

Is the assistance in following up your enquiries provided in a consistent and professional manner?

Is our pricing competitive and does it provide you with sufficient flexibility?

Are you satisfied with the quality and performance of our products?

Is our after sales service satisfactory?

Are you satisfied with our ability to meet your delivery dateline?

Are you satisfied with the packaging of our products?

Do we offer a sufficient rate of continuous improvement?

For Sales Personnel
Are you satisfied with the service given by our commercial advisors?

Do our commercial advisors have sufficient technical knowledge?

Is the communication with our commercial advisors satisfactory?

Do you find our commercial advisors sufficiently polite, courteous and knowledgeable?

Do you receive regular contact by telephone or e-mail from our commercial advisors?

Do you get sufficient product information from our commercial advisors?

Do you receive regular updates on new products and systems from our commercial advisors?

Please rate your overall satisfaction level with our commercial advisors.

Any additional comments/suggestions for our improvement