Fire Protection of M&E Services


  • Approved in accordance with FM 3971.
  • Will ensure continuity of power through cables.
  • Can retard flame propagation along the surface of cables.    
  • Provides an economical thin film application.    
  • Flexible, allowing for movement of cables.    
  • Durable, can be satisfactorily used in aggressive environments.
  • Resistant to water.    
  • Resistant to most common chemical solutions.   
  • Non toxic both during application, and when exposed to fire.   
  • No increase in the electrical resistance of the cable.
  • Easy to work with a smooth surface finish.


PROMASTOP® CC is an ablative coating suitable for application on power cables for reducing flame spread when exposed to a fire source. PROMASTOP® CC has a mild intumescent action reaction which provides an insulating effect to the cables when exposed to fire. This in turn ensures that the speed of the spread of flame across the surface of cables is dramatically reduced, and for some types of cable, the intumescent reaction can ensure that the cables remain functioning for a specified period. This is especially important for those cases where continuity of electrical power supply is of vital importance.

PROMASTOP® CC is supplied in 25kg buckets. It is to be stored in dry conditions. The expected shelf life for PROMASTOP® CC is 12 months in an unopened and properly sealed bucket.

Neutral designation
Water based ablative coating
Density 1500 (± 200) kg/m3
Active components
Approximately 80%
Dilution Water (maximum 10%)
Thickness required
1.6mm (DFT)