Seals of Control Joints and Gaps in Floors, Walls & Partitions


  • Movement up to 50% accommodated with some products.
  • Joints up to 100mm can be protected.
  • Systems to achieve two way protection with installation on one side only.
  • FRL up to -/240/240.

Movement in buildings is a given and is allowed for by the use of control or movement joints which allow different sections of the building to move independently of each other with creating cracks or other damage to the building fabric.

The issue is that while these joints assist in one area, in relation to fire they are a problem as they can allow flames and heat to pass from one compartment to another. So you need a product that can stop the fire and also not be affected by the movement that occurs in ambient conditions.

Promat Australia has products and systems that will work in joints of up to 100mm and with movement requirements of at least +/-50%.

  Max Joint Width (mm)
Max Fire Resistance Level (FRL)
PROMASEAL A Acrylic Sealant
* Refer to Promat technical department for specific rating for specific situations.



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