Fire Protection of Loadbearing Ceilings & Floors


  • Up to 2 hours FRL
  • Timber or steel frame
  • Load bearing up to 5kn/m2 for certain systems
  • Single layer for FRL 60/60/60
  • Lightweight
  • Systems for protection of heritage ceiling

Loadbearing Floor Systems

The flooring can be of timber or chipboard floor boards supported by either timber or steel joists systems (minimum joist sizes apply). Promat boards are then directly fixed onto these joists in either single or double layer depending on the fire resistance level (FRL) required.

These ceiling are tested or assessed in accordance with AS 1530: Part 4 and achieve the three criteria of structural adequacy, integrity and insulation.

  FRL 60/60/60 FRL 90/90/90 FRL 120/120/120
PROMATECT® 100 Timber Floor Protection X X

Note: FRL */*/* (Fire Resistance Limit – *Structural Adequacy / *Integrity / *Insulation)

DURASTEEL ceiling / floor systems can also be purchased through Promat Australia. For further information please contact your local office

They are available in Fire Resistance Levels (FRL) of up to 240/240/240 and loadings of up to 10kn/m2

Product Datasheet

Product Datasheet