Supply Chain

Promat’s key objective is to ensure that all our standard sales level agreements and commitments to our customers are completely fulfilled. This commitment is enabled through a first-class approach to stock management, an in-depth collaboration with hauliers and couriers, efficient internal communication with sales, service, production and workshops and a zero-default policy.

We have the ability to adapt to a wide variety of customer requirements; deliveries from 250g to 24 tons, short lead times of just a few hours up to one year ahead for large projects and good values of just a few cents to a thousand dollars a piece. This is achieved through integrated systems that communicate customer requirements to all relevant locations and departments, a worldwide distribution system that makes products available everywhere with short lead times and a supply chain team that coordinate customer requirements worldwide.

Promat Australia has dedicated distribution centres in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Darwin to ensure our lead times are kept as short as possible for our customers.