Environment, Health & Safety

ehs Promat is dedicated to environmental safety and health, at all levels of its operations, from manufacturing to installation. In line with the wider Etex Group, Promat has developed its own Environmental, Health and Safety policies. These ongoing principles of sustainable business are of strategic importance to Promat, both on a global and company wide basis. They include:

  • creating a safe working environment for all employees;
  • controlling and minimising possible negative impact on the environment;
  • integrating EHS factors into R&D strategies for all company products and systems;
  • continuous measurement, monitoring and improvement of EHS performance;
  • fostering open dialogue with all stakeholders, based on logic and published data;
  • due diligence overviews of EHS as standard practice for mergers & acquisitions, investments & divestments. 

Quality Systems, Standards and Accreditation

Building regulations require that only tested and approved systems are installed, this is why Promat Australia has an enviable array of approvals for all products and fire resistant levels required to meet the National Construction Code requirements. Promat Australia Pty. Ltd (South Australia) operates in accordance with a documented Management System based on Australian Standards AS/NZS ISO9001 (Quality), AS/NZS ISO14001 (Environment), AS4801 (Occupational Health & Safety) and AS ISO/IEC 17025 (Competence of testing laboratories). This ensures that only the highest quality products are made available to the market with minimal impact to the environment, with training programs available to ensure correct product application and installation is adhered to.