Promat Australia Pty. Ltd.

Promat Australia continues a well-established reputation as the major supplier and NATA accredited tester of passive fire protection systems into the Australian and International commercial construction, industrial, HTI and marine sectors. The Company brings added global experience to the industry and continues to support Australian made exports through the manufacture and supply of fire stopping products to South East Asia, Europe and America in partnership with the Promat companies in those regions.

We have the widest range of passive fire protection and fire-resistant products and systems in Australia, including PROMATECT® boards, CAFCO® Vermiculite spray and intumescent coating systems, PROMASEAL® sealant, pillows, mortar, backing rods, spray films and strips, fire collars and sleeves, and other specialised lines.

The products are strongly supported by our extensive technical knowledge and experience in the fire protection field from Promat's headquarters and manufacturing facility in Adelaide and our sales and distribution centres in Sydney, ACT, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, and New Zealand.

In addition to our core activity of Passive Fire Protection, Promat also supplies an extensive range of products to industrial areas for High Temperature Insulation (HTI), petrochemical and blast-proof applications to name a few.  Promat is providing HTI solutions worldwide for applications in various markets with temperature classifications up to 1,850°C.  The main purpose is to insulate permanent sources of energy such as kilns, furnaces and dryers in a highly economical and efficient way.  Armed with vast technical knowledge in these areas Promat also offers a wide portfolio of materials.

Etex Group and Promat International

Promat International is a subsidiary of the Etex Group of companies, a global organisation with a presence in more than 39 countries across all continents and employing over 17,000 dedicated people.

The Belgium based industrial group brings together companies who are leaders in their markets, manufacturing and marketing high-quality building materials and best performance insulation systems. They draw considerable strength from longstanding experience and tradition with a portfolio of products and brands that enjoy good reputations worldwide.